The aim of WAG

1:Cultural exchange through sports in biggest international town in Tokyo, "Minato-ku".

 People can communicate with sports which is the world's common tools to communicate no matter you play good or not, no matter what you speak, no matter who you are.

2:The international sports events for by the domestic resident.

 The event will spread with several sports like football, basketball so on, in the next WAG will be played as "Domestic Olympic games".

3:Developing sports and international communication in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

 Minato-ku and Tokyo is famous and the one of the biggest cities for sightseeing and business all over the world. And now we try to developing the circumstance to play sports in Minato-ku and in Tokyo city as a new value for everybody.

The tendency of spending time in Japan
Now: 'To see' or 'to buy' is "the passive sightseeing"
Future: 'To join' the sports is "the active sightseeing"
Enjoying the sports with your international colleagues
                                            = Minato-ku & Tokyo

 "National Sports Festival" will be held in Tokyo at 2013, and the city of Tokyo will promote many sports event in this 10 years to bring "the Olympic" in Tokyo. So that, now it is the time!